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Set of original software tools designed for all areas of professional printing and marketing - just choose ...


Net4 Press

  • is an original software solution developed by Net4 Soft s.r.o. Net4 Press was designed and developed in cooperation with representatives of printing and marketing industry to meet their needs and demand. Net4 Press consists of several major software tools that can be operated together or completely independently.

Target group

  • The software is suitable for enterprises that deal with professional print and provide services to end-customers or to their own corporate clients. Net4 Press is adequate software for managing printers. It is capable to ensure orders, edit printed materials, do calculations and control contracts (submitting of printing order, processing, invoicing).
  • Corporate Print tool is designed for marketing departments of larger enterprises in order to ensure a uniform presentation of their promotional materials, appearance and marking of their branches, business partners, personification of their printed materials, etc.

Our offer

  • We offer you online Editor of prints (suitable for B2C segment of your customers), Calculation - calculation module associated with the management of orders and production of printed materials (this interface will appreciate especially your B2B clients), full-value E-shop and tools for sales and marketing - Corporate Print and CRM.

Samples print PDF



This part of our solution is conceived to meet the needs of users of your customer web portal. The editor is understandable for the general public. It is focused on the end user from the B2C segment. In other words it is focused on customers who want to create and order for example their own calendar or photo book with their own pictures and texts.

You can easily define particular templates in this system. The templates belong under different product types (e.g. photo books) and can be further classified into subcategories (e.g. A4, A3 portrait, A3 landscape, etc.). You can simply define the templates (for example, in Adobe Indesign) and import them into the system as PDF files.

Your customers can test your services through your web portal. They can choose category and subcategory of printings and edit embedded template (background colour, images and texts) according their needs. Customers can also create their own printings on a predefined paper size. When the template editing is done, your customer enters quantity to print and the order is added to cart. Other operations are standard e- shop operations (you can require for example agreement with your terms and conditions, etc.).

An output for print is always generated in a valid printable PDF. It is thanks to self control system that leads your customer during all the process.

Try our Editor Demo Version to get familiar with how it works..





This part of Net4 Press is primarily designed for your corporate customers from B2B segment. These customers may appreciate simplification and automation of control of their print materials which they need to print repeatedly and only with minimal changes. Calculation module helps accelerate the whole process from entering request to completion of the contract. Calculation allows PDF validation, clear and yet sophisticated dynamic calculations, register of printing processes, incl. invoice issue.

This solution is focused on procurement and management of printed materials between you and your B2B customers. Due to your client authorized login you can set up your price tariffs or other personal benefits for each of your customers separately.

Calculation moduleis capable to calculate prices according chosen parameters (print type, paper, number of pages, binding, colours, etc). If the order is confirmed the system automatically puts your customer's order into queue.

Moreover it is possible to define independent print template (e.g. business card templates) for each of your customers. Thanks to this possibility your customer can fill the template using MS Excel and choose the number of copies. Further, the order runs as a standard e-shop order.


Corporate Print

Corporate Print is a marketing tool that ensures uniform graphical design respecting rules connected with usage of corporate logo, colours, fonts or design of PR materials.

Using Corporate Print you can easily create promotional materials with all necessary marketing components.
(play Demo).

The main benefits of this system are human resources savings (creation of marketing materials) and time savings (automated system of orders).

How does it work? - Your registered partners and customers can personalize prearranged marketing materials (e.g. leaflets, billboards, marking the premises, work clothes, flags, pylons, business cards, menu cards, plastic cards, car stickers, awnings, roll up banners, etc.). They order them through standard e- shop.Reed more...



Our system comprises printing history records incl. the possibility of reprinting already printed materials and online order status tracking. If you are interested in this solution but your Corporate Information System does not allow this connection we will offer you our solution.

The system is managed by Net4 Press Admin management tool, which is designed as a so-called "thick client". We offer you our own solution for Microsoft Windows platform. This solution is called Net4 Press CRM.

Net4 Press CRM is a modular information system focused mainly on the management of corporate communications, customer records, evidence of orders, production plans, ensuring billing documents, etc.

Thanks to our technologies your customers do not need to install any additional applications. Customer interface is built on a "thin client" solution. It means normal Internet browser will be sufficient for all your customers.

When you buy Net4 Press to meet all the needs of your company we will deliver you our solution and we will help you with implementation of the parts you choose. Net4 Press is an open system and we will be happy to develop and improve it to meet all your requirements if your business needs change in a future.

If you've tried any of the available demo versions, take them, please, as an illustration of Net4 Press package. We can show you all the solution in a presentation during our visit if you are interested.

If you've found the Net4 Press solution interesting, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments related with its usage in your company.